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. almost a million people still without power this morning in the new york city area where overnight temperatures fell to the 30s. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is urging those without power to go to a shelter. city officials are handing out 25,000 blankets to those who refuse to leave their homes. >> i have no power. no generator but my house is intact. i won't have power for a week or so. >> most schools in new york city are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. a week after the storm hit. many students have trouble getting to school due to the shortage of gas and disruption to public transportation. janetny pal ton know -- janet napolitano is scheduled to visit new jersey. gas is rationing in that state. the storm is being blamed for 23 deaths in new jersey and 107 deaths nation-wide. >>> there are no signs this morning of a man who disappeared from a peninsula mental health facility. 67-year-old kenneth morrison was reported seen at second street. he is described as 5'7", 220 pounds with gray hair and a beard. >>> a richmond firefighter is recovering this morning after suffering
to make sure everybody can vote. >> voters in new york city can have a tough time. polling locations at all five of the boroughs have been relocate order combined. >>> and they had a small earthquake in new jersey, it was a magnitude 2.0 quake. while the quake didn't cause a lot of damage, some people did hear a loud boom. the last time they had a quake that size in that area was about 2010. >>> it is back to school, back to work for millions of people in the new york and new jersey area today for the first time since the big storm. and it could be a really tough commute into new york. a lot of public transit routes are still out of service and gas supplies are very short. you are looking at some new video we just got into our newsroom from the lincoln tunnel. there's good news, 80% of new york city's subway system has reopened. >>> muni is celebrating 100 years of service in the bay area and for the rest of the week, you can expect to see vintage street cars, cable cars, buses and trolley buses. you may get a chance to ride one. several cars are running between the f line and the ca
's been getting a bit cold are lately. it left 170 people dead worldwide. >>> new york city marathon will not run tomorrow. the mayor canceled the race after mounting criticism. many that are still recovering super storm sandy were angry claiming that the race would drain resources that should be used to help with the recovery efforts. >>i think it's a good decision. i'm much better off than most people. i don't have a power. but my house is intact. but the resources that are used for the marathon should be used for people that are less fortunate. >> we're angry. we spent thousands of dollars for our family and hotel rooms and airline tickets. it's not just one runner, they usually have a support group. so that includes two, three four and in case seven people flew here. >> there will not be another new york city marathon still next year. >>> beer make are anheuser- busch is helping those impacted by super storm sandy. they've putting fresh drinking water in millions of cans. some cases are on the way to distribution seniors in new york and new jersey the company has donated more tha
anger management classes. >> new york city is helping many victims still recovering from the storm but they have a happy thanksgiving. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. >>> up in the gold country, a third person has died from eating poisonous mushrooms. a caretaker at an elder care facility picked the mushroom in the backyard and used them to make soup, not knowing they were tedly. late -- deadly. there's a health advisory this morning in san francisco, sex of a popular beach are off limits. tara is here to explain how much the recent storms are -- how the recent storms are causing problems. >> reporter: the lab results are due back today, and that should indicate whether people can go back in the water, but
. >> and that historic storm may have changed the jersey shoreline forever. there is some good news from new york city this morning. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starting right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. >> it's thursday, november 1st. we start with an investigation into a frightening halloween night accident in santa rosa. two children were hit by a car while trick or treating in the rain. we are live to explain what happened. >> reporter: good morning. those two kids, four and ten expected to survive the injuries from the accident but it happened here. i want to give you a look at this scene. this is a fast road. we have seen the traffic moving by. the trick or treaters were trying to get from one neighborhood to the next. they were already in the crosswalk when the adult saw a car coming northbound on this road. they tried to stop the kids but they went through the crosswalk and that's when they were hit. let me show you video from what it looked like after the accident to show you the conditions. it was raining at the time of the accident
city -- for a spree of crime in new york city. crime's been up. the 101st precinct in far rockaway, that was the hardest hit area for burglaries. they had 33 of them. no burglaries were reported in that same time period, just a year ago. >>> sports fans in pleasant hill are doing their part to help with relief. >>> every day we are so lucky to have a home and electricity and plumbing and, you know, i just hope that they can rebuild quickly. >> the head commissioner of the pleasant hill baseball association after watching the storm damage in the brooklyn neighborhood that he's from. a church back east will distribute the donations. >>> nearly two dozen states are asking to leave the united states following last week's election. 20 states have filed a petition with the white house asking to be removed so they can create a new government. now, california is not one of those states. 17 of the states that filed the petition voted for mitt romney in the presidential election. >>> richmond police will announce the installation of new surveillance cameras today in an effort to curb crime i
mobile device. >> new york city mayor wants congress to move quickly to approve federal funding for victims of sandy. he met with more than a half dozen lawmakers on capitol hill. the state of new york is asking for $42 billion in additional federal aid and new jersey needs federal aid to cover most of the nearly 37 billion-dollar cost for recovery and rebuilding. >> trying to stop a killer. we are just finding more about the brave action of one man during that cement plant shooting last year. it cost him his life. > shocking stories from survivors of that fire. the action of managers that increased the death toll. iramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . >>> cloudy to mostly cloudy. windy as well, tempera
. >> gas rationing in new york city and long island seems to be working lines now shorter and people don't appear to be as frustrated. driver was license plates in odd and even numbers alternating days they can fill up. officials say many supply terminals remain shut down or limited following the storm and aaa said drivers are filling up more because they are afraid gas won't be available. >>> the president will travel to new york next week to see how the recovery effort is coming along. he will meet with storm victims and first responders on thursday. new york officials say the damage from sandy in their state alone could total $33 billion. >> now that the election is over the health care law will be a main topic of discussion between republicans and democrats. the gop hoped to repeal the act but with the president winning the election both parties have indicated its time to fine tune the policy. areas they will look at include stabilizing health care costs, and making easier for people to find affordable plans. more than 40 million don't have health insurance. >> the city of san fran
. >>> 19 minutes before #. happening now, president obama is on his way to the new york city area, which is still trying to recover from super storm sandy. you can see the president there walking across the tarmac, waving to people there. the president is about to fly to jfk airport in new york city. he's expected to get there in about an hour. flying directly out of air force one, and traveling to staten island, an area hit hard by the super storm sandy. the president plans to survey the damage from super storm sandy and the recent nor'easter, he will meet with families affected by the storms, like he did two weeks ago in new jersey, where these pictures are from. governor cuomo said he will ask for $30 billion in federal aid. and people are still without power after two and a half weeks. >>> the fda has reports of 13 deaths that could be linked to a caffeinated energy drink. the fda says there is no evidence linking five hour energy drinks to the deaths, but in each case, it is cited for possible involvement. and the fda continues to very long. the maker says the drink is safe when use
to circumvent this collision. >>> time now is 8:23, about 11,000 people packed new york city's harold square during the night for the midnight opening of macy's flag ship store. despite all of those people being there, you can see they were pretty calm. those doors opened for the black friday sales in new york city more than 800 macy's stores nationwide will be staying open for 23 straight hours for black friday sales. these folks this is a chicago area, crowds waisted now time rushing in for the mals in the illinois area. -- malls area. this is a scene from the woodfield mall. they were ready to go shopping. our time is 8:24. we are ready, we have to double check with tara moriarty, a major, major, horrible accident on the peninsula. what do you know now. >> reporter: it's practically shut down, the 101. it happened in palo alto just before 7 this morning and it's going to impact traffic until 1:00 this afternoon. these are some live pictures from the ground here. you can see all of the debris left over from the accident. people inside a cold colored suv somehow flipped their car on northbo
reaction over the city of have the new york city marathon while the city is still recovering. , well u.s. employ yearsed ad 171,000 joshes in october and hiring was stronger in august and september than first thought. the number just adjusted. butt employment rates ticked up a little bit. and u.s. factory orders jumped to 4.8% in september but business investments remains weak. looking at the beg board, the dow is down along with the nasdaq. >>> and coming up our washington dc news room is going to have reaction from president obama and mitt romney. >>> all right, time now is 74:00 the latest now on the east coast super-storm sandy. jennifer is live in new jersey this morning. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: hi there, good morning to you. well, the big problem here is the sand. the dune system gave out and now sand is filling the streets. you think see the crews here, they are making some progress as they tackle the physical damage, there is an emotional toll, too. some homeowners are breaking down in tiers. >> i just spent $30,000 getting my home repaired. and it is all gone. >>
york city and long island. they are trying to cut back on the long lines. drivers can only fill up every other day. police are at those gas stations enforcing the new ravening laws -- rationing laws. >>> it looks like the flights are a bit friendlier. flights are on time at sfo. no grounding. there were some storm-related cancellations yesterday but a lot fewer than the day before. >>> 7:36. well, several inches of new snow fell in the sierra overnight and with the start of the ski season about a week away. brian hickey is joining you us live from north star. it looks like you are toasting a couple of marshmallows, brian. >> reporter: yes. we're warming up for window. i just burned my first marshmallow. we're out here at north star. take a look at what fell. it turned out to an quick shot, a potent shot of snow. but the good news, it's getting us off to a good start. you guys are opening when? >> a week from today. >> reporter: perfect. nice and cold, get the snowmakers going. >> yeah, absolutely. it will be -- we'll be making snow all weekend. >> reporter: nothing gets you better
in new york city. but a college student who attended the parade with some friends says that he noticed some of the confetti floating around contained personal information on the strips of paper from the nearby nasa county police department. >> and there were addresses, more social security numbers, license plate numbers and all these instant reports from police. >> some of the confetti even identifies detectives with their social security numbers, date of, and other sensitive information. the county police department is investigating how the shredded documents ended up at the parade. macy's says they only use commercially manufactured multicolor confetti in the parade and not shredded paper. >>> just in case you were wondering, spending on black friday jumped more than 12% from last year. the national retail federation says that shoppers made 247 million visits to stores and websites, an average of $423. and that includes shopping that actually began on thanksgiving. another retail tracking company said that sales on friday actually went down almost 2% because many retailers were opene
is a nightmare. >> it is like rain in new york city. it rains water there. every day, every hour, tens of rockets here in the city. unbelievable! >> you cannot imagine how we feel now when you hear the rockets and missiles, when the israeli raids and the palestinian buildings. i have a daughter. she's always hugged me because she's frightened. >> more than 130 palestinians have been killed since the art of the recent violence eight days ago. many of them women and children and five israelis have died. >>> new this morning, secretary of state, hillary clinton, is condemning the bombing of a bus in tel aviv. as little alison burns -- as alison burns reports, she's trying to broker a truce. >> reporter: the immediate hope is for a cease-fire that will allow more time for some sort of diplomatic breakthrough. but it seems this morning that hopes are fading. this bus bombing hurt 18 people, three seriously. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the bombing. and is ready to provide any assistanc
coming up. . >>> a young new york city police officer is praised for his kindness to a bare foot homeless man. the officer saw the man sitting in time square asking for spare change. now the officer said his son feet were freezing and he was wearing socks and boots. it touched him to see the bare footman. >> you could see the blisters and i knew i had to do something. >> he walked to a nearby shoe store, he bought some socks and a pair of all weather boots and then came back, he put them on the homeless man. now neither one of them saw a tourist from arizona taking a picture of them with her cell phone. she posted it on the nypd's facebook page. it has been seen and praised by almost a half million viewers. >> and the story is also cool. the store gave him an employee discount so he got a good deal. his city -- he is keeping the receipt to remind him of people's situations. >>> coming up, so many problems in the bay area with the traffic and weather. let's check in with tara. >> we have a lot of issues going on right now. if we take a look at the camera we can show you this earlier pr
at a new york city sky scraper damaged by sandy. it's remained without power since the storm and worker was trying to turn it on yesterday when the fire started. >> when they started one of the feeder cable that come in basically there was a small fire in the concourse level which is one level from where we are right now. >> none of the injuries were serious but four had to go to the hospital. >> family, friends and fans are mourning the death of a legendary actor. he is probably best remembers as jr on dallas. he starred in the classic i dream of j ennie. he died in a hospital from complications a battle with cancer. >> a woman had to go to the hospital after someone threw a pumpkin at her as she walked across the street. it was just after ten when the white sedan came down the street and police say that someone inside the car hurled a pumpkin at her. . >> you have to factor in how fast the car was driving and also the person that was throwing the pumpkin out of the vehicle. it did strike her in the middle of the chest. >> the crime is a felony. assault with a deadly weapon. >>
to show you how strong sandy was when it hit parts of new jersey and new york. the videos of two new jersey train stations, the water flooding the elevators, filling up the station with several feet of water. one of the stations in jersey city, the other hoboken. service at both of those stations have been suspended until further notice. >>> yesterday the president was there, got a firsthand look at some of the devastation caused by the storm in staten island. he was talking to this couple, they waited in a small crowd to see if they could get a chance to talk to the president and they did. the president has promised fema will be there as long as it takes to get people back on their feet. >> trying to avoid all out war. air raid sirens are wailing in jerusalem and rockets targeted tell aviv for a second straight day. israeli forces gathering along the border for a possible ground attack. want to show you now new video of an overnight rocket attack. israel said it briefly halted area tacks during the visit of the egypt prime minister but that's after it hit 150 targets. the prime min
project. >>> a new york man is facing charges after police say he threatened a flight crew on a plane yesterday and refused to turn off his cell phone. it happened on a spirit airlines flight that was about to take off from new york's la guardia airport to fort lauderdale, florida. police say 30-year-old samuel arastil was asked repeatedly to turn off his cell phone but he refuse and threatened crew members. >> we were there for about two hours. you have to watch what you say nowadays. you can't say anything. >> he was removed from the plane and charged with making a terrorist threat. >>> 8:51. four southern california children have been charged with plotting kill americans and destroy u.s. targets overseas. the fbi says the men plan to do that by joining al qaeda and theton. one of the men also soreveed in the --er isshed in the u.s. air force. they were arrested for blotting bombs and government -- for blotting bombs. >>> the biographer whose affair with david petraeus, she's now meeting with a high-profile pr firm. this is paula broadwell whose home is now constantly surrounded by
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